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a proud part of the Palm Springs Owen Coffman Post 519 family


Greetings Sons,
I am forwarding this, so you may understand why I stand so proudly for our Squadron.  It's not just the Adjutants comments, but the fact of who the Adjutant is.  For me, I will take this simple statement over anything we have received from Detachment.  We all share in this because nobody does this alone, I am blessed to have so many great, dedicated gentlemen who simply consistently put the Post before individual recognition.  Thank you again to the ones that inspired Dave to write that comment.
Remember too, that we meet next Wed. March 27th at 6pm and it is our first round of nominations.  What truly makes a great organization is our ability to bring in new blood and help them succeed.  I hope to see a whole lot of people next Wednesday.  

Ken Fort

Commander, SAL Squadron 519


Below are the minutes of the March 3rd District Meeting.
                        Our next meeting will be 04/21/2024 at Perris Post 595. More information will be coming on that meeting.
                Dave Mader, Adjutant
                SAL District 21



Meeting opened at 0800 with standard protocol: attendance of officers and quadrons conducted: quorum present.
Post 519 Commander welcomed us all to Palm Springs and his Post.
Guests were welcomed by Commander Loeb and they all had comments:
21 st Legion District Commander Richard Chalapnik
5 th Area Past Commander Rudy Valadez
21 st AL District Service Officer Al Mendoza
Department Judge Advocate Armando Salinas
A motion to delay the reading of the January 2024 Minutes by TMoore/DMader
until the April Meeting passed.

1 st Vice - None
Financial - A motion to accept the Financial Report as read by TMoore/JMoore
Post 53 1 st Vice gave a report on a new program they are working on to establish called Decagon of Honor. Much more information is needed and is forthcoming.
Membership Report given by the Adjutant - Report shows that work is needed in both the Legion and SAL areas.
Challenge Coin given by Tim and Dave =
11 Squadrons have purchased the coins: 53, 79, 328, 519, 739, 742, 800,
848, 595, 574, 200’ What’s the matter with the rest of you?????
There are a limited amount of coins available; contact Tim Moore or Dave Mader and we will get you some.


Nominations and election of our next slate of officers is rapidly approaching and it's now time for us to do some thinking about who we want to lead us.
Next meeting is 21 April 2024 at Post 595.
Meeting ended at 0905.

David Mader, Adjutant
SAL 21 st District

Adjutants Comments::
I have waited five years for a turnout like this meeting. Only one Commander was unable to be at the meeting and three squadrons were not represented. Post 519 put on a great show, friendly members, good  food, an extremely neat main hall for
the meeting and plenty of seating. Thank You all